Grundfos GmbH

Brau Beviale in Nuernberg
189 qm² island stand

Grundfos Brau Beviale Nürnberg

Imat uve GmbH

IZB Wolfsburg
40 qm² corner stand


Twintec Concept Design Study “Module parity”
20 qm² inline stand (row stand)

LOI GmbH / Schmetz GmbH

Hardening Congress Cologne
150 qm² island stand

IAC Event

IAC GmbH | IAC roadshow for Mercedes Benz
Event center Sindelfingen
1,150 qm² event

IAC Roadshow Skoda

Czech Republic
600 qm² event

IAC Roadshow Showtruck

Heavy trucking concept
IAC global event with 2 trailer vehicles (40 t Volvo and Scania)